Business Valuation

“All business valuations are not alike…….”

A business valuation prepared by Valuation Forensics, LLC meets the highest professional standards that exist in the industry today. In fact, it is our strong belief that we not only meet these standards, but that we exceed them to produce an analysis that is truly unparalleled.

We understand that your case is very important and it is our goal to provide you with exceptional service, responsiveness and the latest in advanced valuation methodology. Our approach is to perform a comprehensive analysis of a business that includes all factors established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts. Those factors include close consideration of many variables affecting value including:

  • The historical financial statements of the business
  • Expectations for future financial performance of the business
  • Sales of businesses in the same or in a similar industry
  • Normalizing adjustments required for valuation analysis
  • Financial analysis of the business
  • Industry specific research and analysis
  • National and local economic research and analysis
  • Analysis of competition
  • Company specific factors
  • Risk factors for the business and development of an appropriate discount rate
  • Other factors

We have found that many firms that offer business valuation services are either sole practitioners with limited resources or small divisions of larger CPA firms whose main business is auditing and tax services. While there may be talented individuals within these practices, we believe there is a better, more innovative option for your litigation needs by creating a firm whose sole focus is on providing the highest technical level of advanced business valuation, forensics accounting, and expert testimony.

It is our belief that business valuation must be combined with forensic accounting procedures in order to achieve the most accurate results. Traditional business valuation involves a review of historical financial statements and making normalizing adjustments to those statements to view the company as an outside investor would look at the business. Many of those adjustments are based on overall categories, discussions with the business owner or general industry benchmark data.

A business valuation is only as good as the level of analysis done in generating the adjusted financial statements. We take business valuation a step further by applying our in-depth forensic investigation skills to our analysis while keeping the cost of our business valuations comparable to other firms. In other words, we have the skills to dig deeper into the financial data and then to present out clients with what we believe to be the most accurate results.

We have had the privilege of working with many of our area’s most prestigious law firms and highly recognized attorneys, in addition to being appointed directly by the court as the court’s independent expert. Our business valuations have been performed for high net worth individuals owning large multi-million dollar businesses with international operations as well as for small locally owned practices. The following is a partial list of specific industries we have had experience with:

Law firms, partnership interests in law firms, medical practices, dental practices, financial services, architecture firms, agriculture, farms, design firms, engineering firms, manufacturing, medical billing, real estate management, real estate investment, restaurants, catering services, event planning and promotion, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, mail order businesses, commercial fishing, collection agencies, high-tech companies, software consulting, value-added software resellers, software distribution and sales, nursing homes, accounting and tax practices, retail stores, residential and commercial construction companies, broker dealer firms, auto dealerships, wealth management firms, fabricated and primary metal manufacturing, landscaping, construction, insurance, computer services, wealth management, advertising, newspaper, publishing, computer equipment sales, nanotechnology, hair salons, spas, employment agencies, medical devices, physical therapy, information security, box and container manufacturing, wholesale tools and equipment, anti-virus software production and sales, liquor stores, manufacturers representatives, grocery stores, manufacturing with foreign locations, training and education, managed services IT and other.

For more information about the specific expertise of our team members, please see the details listed under the category “Expert Team” on this website.

Should you have questions about our business valuation services, we encourage you to contact us for more information.