Valuation Forensics, LLC was founded on the reality that accurate and credible business valuation and forensic accounting requires a merger of many elements of expertise. The profession has changed dramatically over the last decade and the benchmark for accuracy and credibility in litigation has risen to an all time high.

We have found that many firms that offer business valuation services are either sole practitioners with limited resources or small divisions of larger CPA firms whose main business is auditing and tax services. While there may be talented individuals within these practices, we believe there is a better, more innovative option for your litigation needs by creating a firm whose sole focus is on providing the highest technical level of advanced business valuation, forensics accounting, and expert testimony.

It is our belief that business valuation must be combined with forensic accounting procedures in order to achieve the most accurate results. Traditional business valuation involves a review of historical financial statements and making normalizing adjustments to those statements to view the company as an outside investor would look at the business. Many of those adjustments are based on overall categories, discussions with the business owner or general industry benchmark data.

A business valuation is only as good as the level of analysis done in generating the adjusted financial statements. We take business valuation a step further by applying our in-depth forensic investigation skills to our analysis while keeping the cost of our business valuations comparable to other firms. In other words, we have the skills to dig deeper into the financial data and then to present out clients with what we believe to be the most accurate results. Our company name, Valuation Forensics, was chosen to reflect this philosophy.

Consistent with our collaborative philosophy, we have uniquely integrated computer forensics as an essential element to our practice and one in which we believe is often overlooked in litigation. We have entered a digital age and most financial data is kept electronically. Typically a firm would need to engage a separate company to perform these services. If these services are needed in your case, we offer these services to you in house with our computer forensics team members to provide you with an approach to data discovery that can be easily utilized in an efficient and collaborative manner with our forensic accounting investigations.

In addition to the merger of business valuation and forensic accounting, we have built relationships with other experts and combine other elements such as expert compensation analysis, expert equipment appraisal, economic analysis and industry experts to enhance our results and ensure that our finding are based on the best empirical data available to us.

Finally, an essential component of our philosophy is to provide our clients with superior customer service and responsiveness. We recognize the importance of your case and the deadlines required for discovery. Our goal is to provide you with the high level of responsiveness that your case deserves at all times.