Training & Speaking Events

At Valuation Forensics, our team has developed its own unique training sessions that are available to law firms. These training sessions can be held at our offices or at your firm and are designed to teach your attorneys the financial elements of litigation that will give them a competitive advantage over other attorneys and allow them to work on your cases with a higher level of efficiency and understanding. The sessions can often be taught over lunch to prevent interference with your workday.

Lee D. Sanderson CPA, ABV, CFF, CVA, MST has been a frequent lecturer and contributing author for Continuing Legal Education courses including Trying Divorce Cases, Enhance your Family Law Financial IQ and Divorce Law Basics. In addition, Sanderson has been a guest speaker for the State Bar Association and the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.

We would welcome the opportunity to speak at your event or to schedule a training session for your law firm staff. Our training ranges from singular topics over lunch sessions to full day seminars. The following is a partial list of our training topics:

  • Understanding the financial elements of divorce litigation
  • How to understand a business valuation report
  • How to understand specific elements of business valuation
  • Common mistakes made in business valuation and how to identify them
  • How to cross-examine and discredit a business valuation expert
  • Understanding unique financial instruments such as RSUs, PSUs, Phantom Stock plans, and other indirect ownership and compensation plans.
  • Where to begin with the boxes of financial documents received
  • Financial considerations of property division to obtain the most equitable result
  • Financial considerations of child support and alimony
  • Determining the appropriate level of income available for support purposes
  • How to read and understand individual tax returns in the context of a divorce
  • How to read and understand business tax returns in the context of a divorce
  • Identification of the ways that tax returns can be misleading with regard to income available for support purposes
  • The avoidance of double dipping in divorce settlements
  • The ways that individuals hide money and assets (and how to catch them)
  • The ways that business owners use their businesses to hide money and assets (and how to catch them)
  • Forensic accounting – ways it can help your case that you have never considered
  • Computer forensics – methodologies you never thought possible, when they are needed and how to use them.
  • Computer forensics – how to use computer forensic specialists
  • Computer forensics – ways to review the work of a computer forensics specialist and how to discredit their findings
  • Compensation – Understanding reasonable compensation income attribution in the context of a divorce